Pre Sale

The MXL Token Pre Sale is managed by a smart contract running Ethereum blockchain.

The Smart contract ID is: 0x8ae7dd1aeeb22e6de0ebdf787f3d0246ccc54864

Download the Pre Sale Guide here 

The Pre Sale will occur between January 3th and March 27th

  • Sale of 89,999,999.91 MXL Tokens
  • Soft Cap: 486 ETH
  • Hard Cap: 720 ETH
  • Minimum Participation: 0.009 ETH
  • Maximum Participation: 90 ETH
  • Accepting: Ethereum

Buy with 30% Bonus from January 3th to February 17th

Buy with 15% Bonus from February 18th to March 8th

Buy without Bonus from March 9th to March 27th

1 ETH will give you at least 124,999.99 MXL Tokens

MXL Pre Sale fails to get the 486 ETH, so if you have participated on our Pre Sale, please follow the above video instructions to withdraw your Ether from the Smart contract. Thanks for your support!